• Beautiful Mid-range Chess Sets Now In Stock

    Beautiful Mid-range Chess Sets Now In Stock

  • French Lardy Chess Set With Santos Palisander Chess Board

    French Lardy Chess Set With Santos Palisander Chess Board

  • Gorgeous Economy Chess Sets

    Gorgeous Economy Chess Sets

  • Modern Design Chess Set With Tiger Ebony Chess Board

    Modern Design Chess Set With Tiger Ebony Chess Board

Chess Sets From The Canadian Chess Store

Welcome to Cool Chess Canada!

We are a Canadian chess set retailer located in Aurora, just north of Toronto. At Cool Chess Canada we specialize in retailing high quality chess sets, chess pieces, chess boards, chess clocks, and other chess related products. Whether you are a school or a club buying tournament chess sets or you love high quality wooden chess sets and chess boards, you are sure to find the right product here.

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School and club chess sets

We are passionate about supplying great quality tournament chess sets to schools and clubs at the lowest prices possible. Contact us to find your best options for setting up your chess club, understanding which products are right for you, and seeing where you can save on volume purchases. We stock different styles of chess pieces to cater for a range of chess players as well as different colour chess boards for every taste. We are involved in running chess clubs and regularly run Canadian and FIDE rated chess tournaments ourselves. We understand what is involved when starting a chess club and are perfectly poised to offer help and advice. Choose from vinyl chess boards and silicone chess boards. The perfect home for your tournament chess set.

Buying a chess set as a gift?

Buy the best chess set you can! If you are buying a chess set as a gift for a family member or friend then choose from a beautiful mid-range chess set, a highly functional economy chess set or a gorgeous luxury chess set. We understand our chess sets and chess pieces intimately. We can help educate you in wood and manufacturing methods and we can help you find the right chess set for any occasion. 

Experts in wooden chess sets!

Wooden chess sets are a beauty to behold and are extremely collectable! Whether you are buying a luxury chess set made from an exotic wood such as ebony or padauk (red sandalwood) or an economy or mid-range chess set made from rosewood or sheesham wood (golden rosewood) let us know. We are educated in the art of wood turning and carving and can help find you the perfect combination of chess pieces and chess board. Our chess boards come from the finest manufacturers in Europe and our chess pieces are hand-made by the best artisans in the world.

Beautiful Chess Pieces

Each chess piece we sell is made with the greatest of care by the finest artisans in the world. Every chess piece is hand turned on a wood lathe using traditional methods and tooling. The Knights are hand carved using traditional methods and great care is put into the details of every piece that finds its way onto a chess board. We stock functional tournament chess pieces, economy chess pieces and limited edition luxury chess pieces.

No chess piece is at home without a chess board!

Of course every chess piece needs a home! And we bring the best chess boards from the best manufacturers in Europe. Whether you are buying a chess board to fit into a small space, or an oversized chess board to cover an entire coffee table, we are sure to have the best choice for you. Our veneer chess boards are manufactured exclusively in Europe and our solid wood boards in India. Both styles of chess board have been crafted with care and skill and provide the perfect surface for playing a game of chess or displaying chess pieces.

Need a chess clock?

If you need a chess clock for serious tournament games, a school chess club or you play competitive chess, then look no further. We stock DGT chess clocks - the perfect chess timer for tournament games. Choose from the DGT North America or the DGT Easy. If your budget is restricted then purchase one of our analog chess clocks. Pop in the included battery and you're good to go!

Cool Chess Canada - experts in our field!

We have been in business since 2010! As experienced retailers in chess sets and boards, portable chess sets, tournament chess sets, chess timers and chess pieces we are sure to have what you want. We really care about our store and our work. We always strive to offer the best service we can and bring the best chess sets to Canada.