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Posted on August 14, 2015 by Graeme Knight

It's been a busy Summer at Cool Chess Canada. We are soon heading into the Fall season, so we have posted an update on our blog letting you know what our plan is with regard to chess sets, products - such as some of our plastic chess sets - that have been out of stock, and more. Plans for 2016 are mentioned as well as new combinations of existing chess pieces and chess boards for the Fall and Winter seasons. Take a look at the Cool Chess Canada blog for the full article.

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The Sheffield Chess Set. A Larger Chess Set

Posted on June 05, 2015 by Graeme Knight

The Sheffield comes in both golden rosewood (sheesham wood) and ebonized boxwood as the black pieces and standard boxwood for the white pieces. The chess pieces feel extremely sturdy and the Knight has, much like most of my favourites, a gnarly set of teeth which it bares, along with flaring nostrils and aggressive ears.  

The volume of wood and the excessive load of the steel weights used to anchor the chess pieces firmly to the board was impressive. At nearly four pounds, I believe this may just be the heaviest mid-range chess set we have in stock. When you consider that the King's base is approximately 1.96 inches - or 50mm - then you can see that the chess board to go with these pieces also has to be large. Take a look at the Cool Chess Canada blog to read more about the magnificent Sheffield Chess Set.

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The Lincoln, An Antiqued Luxury Chess Set

Posted on May 24, 2015 by Graeme Knight

Find out about a unique and great looking luxury chess set in our recent blog post about the Lincoln. This antiqued chess set is made up of high-grade boxwood that has been stained to give you the feel of a turn of the century chess set. Sumptuous ebony black pieces bring this chess set up a notch to give a wonderful package and a great introduction to luxury chess sets. Take a look at the Cool Chess Canada blog to read the full article.

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Choosing a Tournament Chess Set

Posted on April 29, 2015 by Graeme Knight

Are you sometimes confused which style or size of tournament chess set to buy? Whether you are an individual chess player, a chess club, or a school that needs to buy chess sets, we've created a mini-guide to help you choose. Head over to the Cool Chess Canada blog for more information

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Cool Chess Canada Website Updates!

Posted on April 23, 2015 by Graeme Knight

As you may have noticed we've updated the Cool Chess Canada website look and feel, and also added a couple of new links. Our blog can now be found via a link on the top menu bar and we've also added another link to Knight's Writing Company if you like fine pens, paper, and inks! We're adding new content to Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram too. Keep up to date on Cool Chess Canada via your favourite Social Networking sites.

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