About Cool Chess Canada

Graeme M Knight sold everything he owned and moved to Canada from England in 2003. As a new immigrant he worked hard for several employers until he formed Cool Chess Canada in 2010. He was frustrated with the lack of chess suppliers in Canada as well as high shipping costs from the USA.

The first Cool Chess Canada website was modest – selling tournament chess sets to clubs and schools. But Cool Chess Canada wanted to share their love of chess with a wider audience, and so Graeme traveled the world in search of high quality products, forging relationships with craftspeople and manufacturers around the globe. Over time Cool Chess Canada has grown in scope and is also proud to offer a large and unique collection of wooden chess sets to the Canadian market.

Through hard work and genuine passion for the game, Graeme and his team at Cool Chess Canada continue to hunt out new products for the enjoyment of Canadian chess players and collectors.

As Graeme puts it, “three things are important to me – excellent customer service, excellent products, and an exceptional knowledge of our industry so that we can educate, excite and inspire the world with Chess. I’m determined to continue bringing the best of everything to Canadian chess players and chess collectors for years to come”.