Friends of Cool Chess Canada

Listed below are a number of chess websites that we really like and want to share with you. All of them have great content and are well worth visiting! We'll add to the list every so often, so keep checking back. If you know of a website that you think we should list, drop us a line.

General Links

Chess Results Would you like to know what's going on in the world of chess tournaments? This is the place to go for all country and world rankings!

Life in Zugzwang Musings on chess, movies, and avoiding life Zugzwang. A photo and video showcase of chess-themed art.  You’ll be surprised at the amount of chess appearances in movies, fashion, and other pop-culture!

Chess Live is an online chess system that allows any chess player to play against others around the world for free. A cool site that you should certainly visit!

The Chess Room The Cool Chess Canada blog!

Chess Michel This is a great resource for those wanting to improve their game! Michel is an excellent teacher with a great deal of experience - for those in the Montreal region.

Sam Kleinplatz Is a FIDE Master out of Montreal who has recently put up a nice new website.

Natalia Pogonina Is a remarkable Grandmaster who competes on the international circuit, and runs a great website with lots of cool chess information. Women's World Chess Champion Alexandra Kosteniuk hosts us on a wonderful blog full of all sorts of interesting and up to date chess information.

Chess Bites contains a mind boggling number of games and problems. When you have lots of free time it's certainly the place to visit.

Michael Adams A particularly influential GM for the Cool Chess Canada team, Michael has long inspired us with his creativity and flare! Check out his game archive for incentive to improve your own game.

Nigel Davies GM Davies has inspired the Cool Chess Canada team with his deep insight into the game of chess. We particularly like and appreciate him sharing the inner depths of how a Grandmaster plays!

Alina l'Amim The official website of WGM Alina is a treasure trove of chess news, interviews, trivia and more! Be sure to read all her blog articles as they will provide hours of entertainment and insight.

Chess Cafe is the place to go if you want to read columns written by chess pros and teachers! A great resource for all aspiring Masters! 

Club d'Échecs Valleyfield are good friends of Cool Chess Canada's. The club is very active and looking to grow. If you are in Quebec, you should check them out: Garneau Community Centre, room 207, 28 St-Paul, Salaberry-de-Valleyfield, QC J6S 2K9.

Chess in the Library is a Canadian student volunteer-run program. Members gather each week to play causal chess, blitz, and CFC rated games. Players of all ages and strengths are welcome to come and play, chess sets are provided.