Our Warranty

Cool Chess Canada gives a twelve month no quibble warranty on the products sold in our store. If one of our chess products shows a manufacturing defect then let us know and we will replace the item with no charge to you. Original proof of purchase may be required to verify warranty claims. Our twelve month warranty covers the following faults in the unlikely event that they occur:
Naturally occurring hairline cracks in wooden chess pieces.
Moving weights in wooden chess pieces.
Broken hinges on storage boxes.
Naturally occurring chess board warping.
Naturally occurring hairline cracks in chess boards.
Malfunctioning clocks.
Our warranty does not cover any physical defects that were caused by improper use of the product such as:
Damage due to dropping.
Damage due to animal/child chewing.
Chess pieces that have been improperly stored.
Damage due to improper maintenance (for example waxing, etc).
The above examples don’t show a conclusive list of every possible defect, and every warranty claim is handled on a case-by-case basis. Please contact us and we’ll try to help out in any way we can! Also note that we only cover products purchased directly from Cool Chess Canada or authorized retailers.