Almost Perfect Solid Golden Rosewood and Boxwood Chess Board - 1 3/8" Squares


Slightly Imperfect / Bargain Seconds items are sold "as is." We are unable to give refunds, returns or exchanges on slightly Imperfect / Bargain Seconds items.

Extremely high quality solid wood chessboard made from golden rosewood and boxwood. Superbly hand crafted over many hours, the board sports a high quality green felt back and provides an exceptional playing surface. 


  • 14x14 inch board (355x355 mm).
  • 1.37x1.37 inch squares (34.92x34.92 mm).
  • Golden rosewood and boxwood.
  • Hand crafted, buffed, and polished.
  • Green felted back.
  • Weighs 3.5 lbs (1.58 kg).
  • Product number #4001.

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