The Prussian, Golden Rosewood Chess Set with Santos Palisander Board, 4" King

Chess Set Description:

This is a huge chess set! The massive yet beautiful Prussian chess set is coupled with this huge santos palisander chess board to give the ultimate gaming experience! Better have a big table to put this chess set on!

Chess Set Specifications:

    • King height is 4" (101.6 mm).
      • King weight is 2.89 oz (82 g).
        • King base is 1.87" (47.62 mm).
          • Set weight is 3.57 lb (1.62 kg).
            • Complete set of 34 Chess pieces.
              • Includes extra Queens.
              • 23.62x23.62x0.51 inch board (600x600x13 mm).
              • 2.36x2.36 inch squares (60x60 mm).
              • Santos palisander and maple.
              • Weighs 8 lbs (3.62kg).
              • Product number # PRUS4RFSANTOS60.

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