The Reykjavik, Golden Rosewood Chess Set with Walnut Board, 3.75" King

Chess Set Description:

Relive the golden age of chess with this beautiful replica of the chess set that lived the battle between Spassky and Fischer in 1972. The set is perfect for someone just starting out in chess collectables as well as the avid player. We've combined this set with a delightful European made walnut and maple chess board.

Chess Set Specifications:

  • King height is 3.75" (95.25 mm).
  • King base is 1.65" (42 mm).
  • King weight is 2.36 oz (67 g).
  • Set weight is 2.58 lbs (1.17 kg).
  • Complete set of 34 Chess pieces.
  • Includes extra Queens.
  • 19.68x19.68x0.51 inch board (500x500x13 mm).
  • 1.96x1.96 inch squares (50x50 mm).
  • Walnut and maple.
  • Weighs 5 lbs (2.26kg).
  • Product number # REYSRFWAL50.

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